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Award winning and critically acclaimed artist Cindy Crofoot donated her time and talent to paint the “Endless Beer” series of fine art paintings. Each of the 10 paintings represents a different style of beer endlessly pouring from out of thin air into unique beer glassware from around the world.

The original paintings are displayed at Great Crescent Brewery in Aurora, IN. Prints are available at Great Crescent Brewery for each painting with a major portion of the proceeds going to Main Street Aurora to support the creation of Crescent Brewery Caverns Park.

The cost of each high quality print suitable for framing is $20 plus local sales tax.

​To order prints contact Dan Valas by email dan@gcbeer.com or stop by Great Crescent Brewery at 315 Importing Street Aurora, IN 47001, phone 812-655-9079.


Photo Credit Patrick Mulvaney

1. Classic American beer mug, a regular sight at bars and restaurants around the U.S.

2. Lidded German Stein depicting German life in the countryside.

​3. Pilsner Glass - tall and slender meant to enhance the drinking experience of this beer style.

4. Goblet - round and heavy glass, provides a large surface area for taking in the aromas of your favorite beer.

5. Lidded Stein decorated with Bavarian Edelweiss wild flowers.

6. Pauwel Kwak - a strong Belgian ale poured into a stirrup glass. This glass was used by coach drivers to hold their beer in a stirrup as they drove along. It's thirsty work.

7. Irish pint glass - smooth sided and more narrow at the bottom than the top enhancing the drinking experience.

8. English Pint - embossed with the Crown seal this standard 20oz Imperial Pint in the nonik design with the pronounced bulge. Partly to improve the grip, partly to keep them from sticking together when stacked and partly to increase the strength to avoid chipping the rim. Also known as the Ravenhead glass.

​9. Chimay goblet - the standard goblet used to serve Chimay Belgian ales.

​10. Das Boot from Germany - always fun to have the newcomer drink from this glass. If you don't know the secret to drinking from this glass, you're going to get wet!


Endless Beer - Art for the PArk 

Cindy Crofoot with Lani and Dan Valas with the Endless beer display