Draft List
Blonde Ale 
Blood Orange Blonde Ale  
Harmonie Bier Dark Lager 

IN Orbit IPA 

Coconut Porter

Light of Aurora Vienna Lager

​Equinox Pale Ale

Bourbon Barrel Industrious Stout


​Holtkamp Winery

Sweet wine -

Sweet Marie Rose'

Golden Harvest white

ruby rush rose'

Semi-sweet Wine -

Avery White

Semi Dry Wine -

Red Envy Cabernet, Merlot, Syrahs Blend

Avery Red

Dry Wine

Cabernet (red)

Arborea (white)

HArd Cider

Oliver Winery Hard Cider



Bourbon - Indiana and Kentucky

Tanners Creek 85 proof

Eight and Sand 88 proof

George Remus 94 proof

New Riff 100 proof

Rye Whiskey - Indiana

Rossville Rye

Starlight Distillery - Indiana

Huber Gin

Huber Run

Pearl Vodka


Dewar's Scratched Cask