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Brewery Caverns Park webpage.

The goal of this project is to preserve the remaining caverns at the site of the Crescent Brewing Company which was founded by Thomas Gaff in 1873.

There are two main parts to the project :

1. Preserve the structure of the caverns.

2. Construct a walking history park that leads around the site but restricts persons from entering the caverns.

The information on this page is from the original analysis provided to the City of Aurora. The document evaluates the condition of the caverns and designed a park that would support the desire of the citizens to preserve the site. In addition the park will provide a historical background to local residents and visitors.

Aurora, IN is a great place to live and spend time along the Ohio River.​ The Crescent Brewery Caverns Park will enhance the quality of life for our residents. It will also entertain and educate by preserving an interesting and proud part of our history.​

Crescent Brewery Caverns Park is raising funds through sponsorship by Main Street Aurora, a 501(c) (3) organization.

Our goal is to raise enough money to preserve the site and build the self-guided history park.

 manage the fund raising, planning of the park and coordinate the completion of the park. If you interested in helping please contact Dan Valas by completing the online form below or email dan@gcbeer.com

Inquiries can also be mailed to:

Crescent Brewery Park

attn: Dan Valas

315 Importing St

​Aurora, IN 47001

Existing Site

Proposed Park Design