​​​2018 results:

June 6, 2018 - The medals are in and will be mailed out shortly with the judges comments on the forms.

- Rick Burkhardt - High Points overall and Gold Medal "Darkness      on the Edge of Brown" American Porter
- James Czar - Silver Medal "Midnight Wheat" American Porter
- James Czar - Gold Medal "SMaSH Mountain" American Pale Ale
- Derek Creger - Silver Medal "Ugly Otter VAPA" American Pale ALe
- andrew wyshnytzky - silver medal "no grapefruit" specialty ipa
- evan ruach - gold medal "Nor'easter v2" Specialty Ipa

Score sheets and medals will be mailed out to each participant. This usually takes a few weeks because we order medals after the competition has been completed.

The Aurora - Dearborn COunty Brewoff​

is a BJCP Sanctioned Homebrew Competition sponsored by Great Crescent Brewery in Aurora, IN. Earn a medal and get bragging rights - especially if you are the high points winner, your beer gets brewed and served here at the brewery and other local establishments.

The categories are based on the BJCP 2015 Guidelines which can be found HERE.

Send entries to:

Great Crescent Brewery

315 Importing Street

Aurora, IN 47001

​Entries can be submitted starting April 1, 2018.

All entries must arrive on or before April 18, 2018.

NOTE: If you can't make the deadline contact dan@gcbeer.com, we can accept entries up to the day of the competition - April 21, 2018.  

Entries will be accepted in the following categories:

18B American Pale Ale.

​19A American Amber Ale.

20A American Porter.

21A American IPA.

21B Specialty IPA.

All entries must have a completed Recipe/Entry form -

The recipe form is important if the judges have a question about the

intention of the brewer and they can reference the recipe form, especially in the the 21B Specialty IPA category. The recipe portion of the form is not required to be filled out, but if you have the high points winning entry the recipe will be needed to brew your beer at Great Crescent Brewery. 

All entries must have a Bottle ID Label attached with a rubber band so it can be removed before judging.​ All entries must be in 12 oz bottles -

Entry fee is $5 per each beer - note: You can enter as many catergories as you like. You can enter as many beers in a single category as you like, but each beer is counted as one entry and the cost is $5 for each entry. 

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be awarded in each category that has entries. Categories will not be combined regardless of the number of entries in each category.

The high points winner from all the combined categories will be brewed and served at Great Crescent Brewery and other local bars and restaurants. In the case of a points tie, the winner will be selected by random drawing.

Questions - contact Dan Valas via email dan@gcbeer.com